One of the most important goals of CRT is promoting education, demonstrating proper implementation, and helping others see the benefits of resistance training for dogs. In order to best showcase the work and beliefs of CRT, I have put together a certification system with qualifications for the interested applicant that he or she must fulfill in order to demonstrate their knowledge, persistence, and passion that is needed to help spread the positive attributes of the Canine Resistance Training Program.


Much like the multi-phased CRT program itself, the certification is broken down into levels as well. There are three levels of certification available to anyone who wishes to implement the CRT program into his or her training services. Mandatory prerequisites exist for each level and must be achieved in order to be awarded certification.

CRT Level 1

This certification is awarded to the applicant who displays entry level knowledge and the foundational information needed to instruct and teach anyone about using resistance training with their dogs following the Building Blocks Program. At the completion of this certification process, the applicant will have an understanding of what Canine Resistance Training is, the proper equipment needed and why is it important. The applicant will also have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to acclimate dogs to the equipment, and begin resistance work safely based on the "Building Blocks" information.  Final certification will always be at the founder's discretion.

Criteria Needed:

 *attend a seminar of the "Building Blocks"  presentation or proof of purchase of online education

 *pass an online exam with no less than 90% (exam fees apply)

 *case study required (criteria apply)

 *phone interview

CRT Level 2

This certification is awarded to the applicant who demonstrates the understanding of how to work a dog through the more complex and detailed concepts of dynamic effort work.  In order to gain Level 2 certification, the applicant must already have a Level 1 certification and meet the necessary criteria listed below:

Criteria Needed:

*attend a "Digging Deeper" seminar or proof of purchase of online education

*obtain and uphold a Level 1 Certification

*pass a written exam with no less than 90%

*two case studies (criteria apply)

*demonstrate the ability to create custom CRT programs for dogs of novice/beginner level

CRT Level 3


This certification is the last and final certification available for CRT trainers. This is considered "master" level and the applicant has demonstrated and exemplified what it Canine Resistance Training truly embodies as a whole. They understand the basic concepts, how to continually apply them, maintain integrity of the dogs they work with, and provide education to owners and people. The Level 3 will only be awarded to the applicant that has achieved and maintained the prior two certifications. With this certification, comes the ability to promote CRT through their own educational programs.