The Value of Certification

To use the CRT training system and program and provide it to other clients, I recommend my clients and students to be certified. Not because I want them to jump through hoops of fire. Not because I am trying to make money or a name….but because it’s SO important to know and understand what you are doing and the WHY behind it. Education is crucial, and for so many years, there has been such a deficit in this area. It’s one thing to learn the material and program and then just follow it with dogs, or clients dogs…. but what do you do when you encounter things that weren’t discussed or taught to you? How do you navigate them and make the dogs successful? If you don’t have the experience, you won’t know.

My certification process is lengthy…. and for some people, it’s time consuming. I want committed owners and trainers. There is a written test that you need to pass with a certain score.. proving you have the knowledge content needed to TEACH clients. But even a medical student fresh out of med school can pass the MCAT with an excellent score, and still have a shitty bedside manner. They don’t necissarily make good doctors. My goal is to make good teachers and coaches. The way to do that….. brings me to the most important part of the certification process. You can’t just pass the exam and “tah dah!” you are certified. You HAVE TO LEARN TO PROBLEM SOLVE. You need to take a dog through the programming itself…. because you will for sure run into areas that need fixed or worked through. How do you expect to do that, if you have not gone through those moments yourself? Would you be comfortable teaching a crossfit class, only after attending 2 weeks of classes? The answer should be NO.

Now, if you don’t plan on using the program as it is written, and the way it is set up, then by all means…. you don’t need certification. Because in truth, being involved in higher education myself, certification is nothing but a piece of paper. It’s the knowledge and expertise you can bring forth to others that matters. Within the CRT training program, with each level is a different certification. The reason for that…. is there are MORE problems that need solved. Different phases of work involve harder situations and more complex problems.

Do yourself a favor…. get certified… because it’s not the “certification” that matters. It’s the experience that you will go through that is valuable to others.

Ashley Sculac