Learn CRT from anywhere!

This past week, I officially released my online education for CRT! If anyone wants to learn how to get started, what the program is about---be sure to head over to

http://canineresistancetrainingcrt.vhx.tv for all the details!


I grew tired of the dangerous information that fills the internet regarding resistance training. I also realize not everyone can travel to Portland to do private lessons---and honestly, this content is so in depth that I would never be able to properly fit it in for an hour session. SO,  I took the last six-ish months to develop an online education program that people who want to learn CRT can purchase. Once they purchase it---they have lifetime access to the protocol and all information included. The information is delivered with the use of audio and visual features that accommodate various learning styles. I included short additional video clips also for added bonus!

If it is something you've been thinking about, or wanting to learn more about---don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to help you get started!



The button below takes you directly to the online education site!

Ashley Sculac