"Well CRT is just basic weight pull"

I get this question, a LOT. In fact, if you’ve checked out the website, under the FAQ’s page… I even made a specific comment about it. Imagine that.

 I had an interesting conversation yesterday with some woman online in a weight pull forum thread. She didn’t have anything nice to say, and shockingly wasn’t looking for a way to become more informed or educated. She isn’t the first one to make the accusations or statements she made, as I am sure, many people are thinking it…but very few say it. “ Isn’t CRT just some fancy marketing ploy? Isn’t it the same as basic weight pull"?  Well, to start this off—- No. Not at all. They are different. Not in their appearances to the outside. People see dogs, chains and harnesses and think “ ah, that's just “drag work, and I’ve been doing that for years”….The visual they get appears to be the same on the surface. I

It is the same STYLE training, and I think that is fundamentally important to state. The slang term, which many are familiar and use , is drag work. But see, here is the thing….. I love this concept, so much that almost ALL of my work in dogs is devoted to it, and helping it grow outside of the competitive sport of weight pull is my aim.. I see SO many untapped benefits to this work that isn’t being done. There are groups of people that don’t do this work because they assume it ONLY is good for dogs who compete…..and that isn’t true. Dogs who compete in PSA, IPO, agility, flyball, ratting, whatever it is… NEED PHYSICAL STRENTGH to some degree. All dogs need soft ligament and muscle development, even the dogs sitting in the shelters, or laying on the couch.  This isn’t reserved for serious competitive canine athletes. 

 Now this woman online didn't have many polite things to say about me or the work that I do, but she isn’t important. What is important however, is her idea that CRT is just basic weight pull, and most people will teach you for free.

I am firmly going to disagree with her on this one. There are VERY few reputable resources out there, and believe me I have scoured the internet, searched high and low… I still come up short about an in depth programming schedule or guide that helps take into account all of the areas that osteopathic veterinarians, physical therapists, and dog trainers are concerned about. Taking this shit OUT of the world of competitors. Moving it into shelters…because let’s face it, that’s where it’s needed. We don’t need more weight pull clubs pushing dogs “to compete ( it’s nice to have them) but we NEED more educated advocates. The way to change public perception, to increase the likelihood of this work getting used post orthopedic surgeries or even as preventative measures—you have to start speaking in their native language. You have to have evidence to support your choices and rationales….not someone’s website where they type a few paragraphs up about how to “start” based on their X amount of years in competition. Shelters don’t care about that. Veterinarians don’t care about the titles.

So you see, CRT isn’t basic weight pull. The picture looks an awful lot like that, but look at the lines, the detail…. the image and aim are entirely different.  It’s more than that. It’s the theory, the concepts, the smart and safe programming.

Ashley Sculac