Harness Makers; Who I Recommend

This is the #1 question I get asked, so guess what— here is a blog!

Who you order a harness from is important! There are “tons” of makers out there, but very few with good quality harnesses that DON’T just emphasize competition. There is a difference! I talk with many harness makers, discussing my requirements of additional length of the harness to avoid potential compensation of the dog’s gait due to the spreader bar hitting the hocks when no weight is attached. I’ve gotten some blow back, but in all honesty, once it’s explained… these makers are more than willing! Dogs don’t and shouldn’t start out on competition carts… so the harnesses need to accomadate all facets of training!

Part of the requirements to getting started with my CRT program is getting a custom harness made for the dog you are going to be working. I recommend having a harness made customized for each dog….. for several reasons. By having your own harness (not borrowing one just for practice) will allow you to maintain the the commitment and consistency it takes for training. If you aren’t patient while waiting for a harness, good chance you aren’t patient with your dog as they progress in training ;) Don’t rush the process.

Custom harnesses are made with the length of each dog in mind, so specific measurements will be needed per dog. I always tell my clients that it is a good idea to send the harness maker the following (even if they don’t ask for it):

  • your dog’s age

  • breed

  • weight

  • side profile picture of your dog. ( Sixty pounds looks a lot different on a German shepherd than it does a pit bull.)

  • Measurement from sternum (chest bone) to END of the hock. (ADD 3-4 inches/cm to your measurement!) see picture below

  • **You may/will be asked to send additional measurements. They are making the harness, do as they say—-just make SURE you provide these ^^^

With CRT quickly spreading beyond the United States, my recommended harness maker list is ever growing (which is awesome!) We now have certified trainers in Canada, the US, and soon to be Australia. Having clients order from makers in the US alone, will delay training, as they are on a pretty backed up schedule and can’t keep up with the demand. Plan ahead, order in advance and be prepared to wait.

Below is a list of harness makers that I have not only worked with, but who are timely in their turn around and the quality is good! Be sure to tell them that you are doing the CRT program and they will make sure they add the additional length! (even if you aren’t-but you should be because it’s awesome!)

  1. Jimmy Allen of Bulldog Construction is my preferred go to harness guy. He is located in the United States but will ship internationally. Not only has he been preparing harnesses for a long time, he is well versed in the CRT specifications I ask for in my harnesses. The best way to contact him is either by email, or Facebook messenger. jimmys7487@gmail.com

  2. Stomper Harnesses. Find him on Facebook and his name is Adam.

  3. The Working K9 (Missy Kehler). http://www.theworkingk9.com/

  4. Harnesses by Carol, Harnesses by Carol.

  5. www.minipina.com (or find them on Facebook) For those in or about the areas or Norway, Scandanavia or Northern Europe. Don’t ask me what the website says ;) , but I have seen their harnesses, they are good quality! Send them a FB message ;)

  6. Brown Dog Designs. Missy is an old timer in the world of weight pull. Her harnesses are absolutely breath taking, and I own two of them! Be mindful, that as the most sought out harness maker, her turn around time isn’t quick. She is busy making harnesses to ship world wide, therefore she doesn’t have prompt responses to your email. You WILL be waiting a while! I operate under the idea that you can never have enough harnesses, so put this on you or your dog’s Christmas list ;) Then order another one to get started! Her harnesses are worn by the best competitors in the game, therefore she doesn’t always add the additional length.

  7. Lakeview Dog Gear Harnesses. Connie Powell, based out of Illinois. The best way to get in touch is FB messenger. Tell her you are a part of CRT, and she will add the additional length.

This list is ever changing and growing. If you know anyone else you have personally worked with and loved their work, I am always looking to add to this resource!

How to measure for a harness: Focus on measurement B to D

measuring a harness.jpg
Ashley Sculac