Taper Down in order to Peak

The concept of peaking is exactly what one might assume. Peaking, in the world of strength refers to maximizing preparedness at the DESIRED TIME. For many, that time is when you and your dog enter a competition or competitive pull. In order for you and your dog to perform to their fullest potential, what you do for training prior to that scheduled event, actually matters ;) It matters so much so that I am creating an add- on program that you can purchase. This program will provide a structured taper to you and your dog’s training in order to gain the most on the day of your pull. Be on the lookout for that release coming soon.

Now in order for your dog to properly PEAK the day of a competition, you need to make sure he or she is prepared. Preparedness refers to not only mentally prepared, but also physically…… which consists of the dogs level of fitness and fatigue….. two variables that are extremely important to consider when doing resistance training ( and if you’ve been following the programming, you will have been mindful of both!) Fitness is the idea of how well your dog’s body and mind are developed to handle the weight. Fatigue, on the other hand, is a variable that is constantly changing with each session, with each cycle and program. It is to be considered and changed upon preparation for a competition or a competitive pull.

The goals to properly peak are then simple, drop or reduce fatigue levels while maintaining or maximizing fitness. Although seemingly simple, there is much thought and deliberate training that goes into this as you move closer to the scheduled event. Often times, in order to be “ready”, we assume we need to train more frequently, pull heavier or drag heavier resistance weight for longer. On the contrary to our initial instincts, volume (or the amount of) as opposed to intensity (physical effort) contributes to a larger degree of the dog’s overall fatigue level. It’s a fine balancing act between the two factors, hence why programming plays a significant role.

This add- on program will be available soon and is recommended for anyone who has completed the main training pre-requisites. If you are planning to participate in a competitive event or pull, you will want to be sure you check this out. ;)

Ashley Sculac