What Equipment Do I need To Get Started?

One of the most important pieces of equipment neccesary for anyone interested in getting started with CRT, is a custom fit harness specifically made for your dog. There are many harness makers available, but only a few excellent reputable makers. A custom fit and quality harness minimizes any potential risks or injuries and is imperative when doing any CRT training. We also recommend a leash and a comfortable collar to get started. Send us a quick email and we can give you the names of our recommended harness makers.  

How IS CRT different than "drag work"?

Many long time competitive weight pull lovers use the concept of "drag work" in their every day training and practice, but very few have used evidence and clinical research to determine starting percentages and weekly increment changes. CRT is modeled after human strength, conditioning concepts, research studies, and evidence based practices. With the help of qualified canine professionals, we have created a protocol, that when followed correctly, will help you and your dog not only utilize resistance training in a safe manner, but help to maximize their potential. Canine Resistance Training ( CRT) is a protocol founded on the basis of safety, longevity, and relationship. 

Does my dog need to be cleared by a vet?

Any dog wishing to participate in CRT or follow the program will need to be cleared by his or her veterinarian and complete a pre health screening. Health and safety are of most concern when working with any dogs, no matter the weight and resistance, therefore all clearances need to be done. CRT Trainers will not allow a dog under the age of 12 months or not structurally mature for the breed to participate within the program. CRT is crafted to work in conjuncture with modern day canine fitness and wellness and  is not a substitute for veterinary or rehab care.