About Me- Ashley Sculac

Hi everyone! For those that clicked on this page, there is a good chance we have never I would like to tell you a bit about myself!

I have been working with dogs for quite a few years now, and have had many excellent mentors along the way. The most influential of them being, Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs and the founder of GRC DogSports. I credit him for igniting the flame, creating the spark so to speak.... and getting me to dive head first into my passion of weight pull and resistance training.

I knew my journey into weight pull was going to be somewhat different. I don't have a genetically gifted or well bred dog specifically for the sport. I ended up adopting Mya ( pictured above) from a rescue when she was only 12 weeks of age. I ended up with the furthest thing from a "well bred" dog. If you would like to know more about Mya's story (as it is somewhat lengthy)--- be sure to check out the "mission" page!

Plagued with orthopedic problems and behavioral issues--- I had no choice but to figure out a way to help her become the best version of herself and combat the progressive disease she would have to endure as she continued through life. Through consistent training, she and I were able to compete in the sport of competitive weight pull, and we even started a weight pull club in which I was able to help teach and coach many dogs into the sport as well! 

We have worked tirelessly with physical therapists, veterinarians, orthopedic surgeons, and trainers to help her accomplish and achieve so much! Through that process, I continued to fall in love with resistance training and what it could offer to dogs like her.

When I am not working with dogs and training, I am a seasoned critical care nurse and a Professor at the University of New England. Because of my day jobs, I have been able to view resistance training through a different lense. I collaborated with the therapists that have helped Mya and I become successful, and CRT was born!