What is Canine Resistance Training

The CRT program is a customized strength and conditioning program available for all dogs, regardless of sport, age, or breed. It is an multifaceted modality of training that is a vital component to any dog and will provide not only health and physical benefits, but also betterment in mental health. The program is multi-phased, uncomplicated, and yet comprehensive. Each phase contains a highlighted focus. It is broken down and simplified into a process that is easy and SAFE to integrate into any dog's training and life routine. Whether your dog is heavily involved in sports and you are looking for a unique cross training program, or you are simply looking for a way to prevent injuries, CRT can help. If you have aspirations to compete and do it safely while maintaining your dog's integrity and physical well-being, CRT will properly build your dog up slowly to give you longevity and a beautiful relationship in the process. Many dogs can benefit greatly with the use of CRT woven into their daily lives because it provides biological fulfillment, mental confidence, and is a great team building exercise!