Mya and Jax on a CRT session with Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs

Mya and Jax on a CRT session with Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs


CRT Mission


At the young age of one, my female pit puppy Mya, was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia and bilateral partial cruciate tears in both of her hind legs. The orthopedic surgeon estimated that she wouldn't be able to walk by the age of 5 and eventually she may need surgery. He restricted her activities, and that was really hard on both her and I.  She loved to run, play and chase the tennis ball. She was slightly dog reactive and had a desire for conflict that I couldn't fulfill by limiting her to a few short walks every day. I stumbled upon the idea of resistance training, through a great friend of mine, Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs. He gave us the basic principles and after much thought, I decided that Mya and I actually had a chance for her to really love this. It's been a few years now, and after competing, starting a successful weight pull club, and helping dogs get their start... I realized how beneficial the idea of resistance training was for dogs. For Mya and I, it served as a  controlled, low impact form of exercise that allowed her and I to bond together, all the while strengthening her bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments around the affected areas. As a critical care nurse, I understand the importance of safety, health precautions, and always placing health into the forefront of anything. I knew that if I wanted to help bring this same concept to other dogs, health professionals and rehab specialists needed to be on board. I consulted a group of Physical Therapists and Canine Rehabilitation Specialists and after explaining the process, they all agreed that this would be very helpful! I've spent the better part of a few years, creating and crafting a protocol and program that would help any dog safely get their start in resistance training. Canine Resistance Training (CRT) is my program that I created to help any dog, any breed, or size, benefit from such exercise. 

Mya is now 5 years old, and while she and I competed for a bit, her heart was really into the resistance work. It has helped create longevity in her musculoskeletal system, and improved her mental health. She is the reason for my continuous strive to better the name of such work. Dogs like Mya or not, can truly benefit from CRT and having this integrated into their daily lives. 


My mission is simple.  I am passionate about changing the way resistance training is viewed, and am actively seeking ways to bring CRT into a more positive light and into the mainstream. Collaborating with well known behaviorists, trainers, physical therapists and canine specialists, I have put together a thorough, comprehensive program that will allow every dog to benefit from CRT.