CRT Programs

These are the core programs that are offered. Once you complete these programs, you may choose to look at the Add-On Programs that compliment the main programming.


The Building Blocks, Level 1

This foundational program has a highlighted focus around duration effort and in truth, is the essential core of resistance training. It provides all topics such as proper equipment, emphasizes safety and the concepts of resistance, as well as acclimation processes and protocols. Beginning any resistance work can be overwhelming, therefore we have collaborated with specialists to break it down into a simple, easy, and SAFE way to get started.

You will learn the concepts and theory behind the idea of resistance training, what equipment you need to get started, and a 12 week program that is already mapped out, so you don’t need to guess!

If you aren’t local and want to get started, check out the online education for purchase. Your education will be in the form of recorded audio and PowerPoint lecture, and includes added videos. With your purchase, you get unlimited access so you can always go back to revisit!

To purchase, check out the Online Education tab.

Digging Deeper, Level 2

Digging Deeper, is centered around performance and shifts focus onto dynamic effort and introduces new concepts such as variability, pyramid style training, as well as short distance work. If you have successfully gone through the Building Blocks Foundation and are looking to cross over into a more detailed and advanced training program, Digging Deeper is just that!

This program will challenge you and your dog as you prepare to enhance and bring out their best performances, both mentally and physically!  If you have aspirations to move into the competitive world of weight pull, or are looking for something to add to your canine's cross training program, be sure to look into the Digging Deeper Program.

To purchase, check out the Online Education tab.



Chuting for Competition, Level 3

Chuting for Competition; Your Guide into Max Effort and Competition Prep is centered around your dog’s test of commitment. Ideally, this program should be followed, after you and your dog have gone through Level 1 & 2. This is advanced training, which includes programs about how to train sub maximal effort and max effort work. If you plan to move into competition, this program will guide you in preparation.

To purchase this program, check out the Online Education tab.